Do women find men, with high levels of testosterone, attractive?

Do women find men, with high levels of testosterone, attractive?

Yes, scientifically speaking, women do find men with high testosterone attractive. It has even been scientifically proven by many researchers. Studies have shown that ovulation affects the mating preferences of a woman. Women at the peak of their fertility fancy the scent of men exuding with testosterone, new research finds. 

The scientists said that individuals were not always drawn to the same face type, but they would consider distinct individuals appealing based on their concentrations of testosterone. We tend to believe that over a moment, an attraction is comparatively stable. One study demonstrates that changes in testosterone concentrations affect the appeal; they would find various people attractive depending on their testosterone levels. A woman might, accordingly, find herself attracted to the masculine Chris Hemsworth one day, and the more delicately featured Jude Law the next day.

No, as well, in a sense that even if you look like Superman or Batman if she does not like you, she does not like you. Because sometimes or most of the time, women do choose men according to what they have to offer to her, not just because he has the perfect chiseled chest or that beaming smile, it is because a man can make her happy, can make her feel special and consequential. That kind of emotional support that a woman needs. 

In conclusion, a high testosterone level does not precisely mean that women will go crazy about you or will automatically make you the most irresistible guy on earth, it can make you more active in bed, but it is not the main feature that most women are looking for in a husband material kind of guy. Women still look on the inside more than on the outside. 

Tho we cannot deny that a high testosterone level can really spice up things in the bed. *winks. 

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