What are the benefits of Piperine

A Piperine is a chemical produced mostly by peppers and a few other vegetables. This alkaloid is the compound that gives black pepper its pungent taste and its spiciness. It was also used back in the old days in traditional medicine. Researchers now are discovering more uses and benefits of Piperine. Here are a few of those benefits.

A Powerful Antioxidant

Antioxidants are substances that help protect your cells from damage caused by potentially harmful molecules. It also helps in restoring cells that were damaged as well.

They can be found in various fruits and vegetables that are readily available in our local markets. There are also food supplements that provide antioxidants. 

Antioxidants can help fight the early signs of aging. It is one of the most used active ingredients in skin care and makeup.

Enhancing your Metabolism

Piperine can lower blood pressure levels, strengthen liver function and glucose tolerance and can increase heat production, which causes a slight rise in metabolic rate, which in turn burns fat and may result to weight loss.

These are a few of the benefits that we can get from Piperine.

Researchers are also looking into using Piperine as another ingredient that can add stimulation in the male reproductive organs and hormones. Multiple experiments were done to investigate further whether this alkaloid can bring harm or give benefit to the male reproductive system. One research wherein Scientists have been experimenting with male mice gave them a result that Piperine helped increased the level of Testosterone on the subjects that were given multiple dosages of Piperine in their diet. 

They have a group of adolescent male mice that have Piperine added into their food and another group of juvenile male mice that did not have Piperine in their diet. They began administering controlled amounts of Piperine to the second group of adolescent male mice for 30 days. Slowly but surely, they started to see changes in the male mice’s reproductive hormones. Male mice that had Piperine in their diet showed a notable rise in the serum testosterone level and had more sex drive when introduced with female specimens in their cage while the other group did not.

In conclusion, food supplements that have Piperine as an active ingredient to help increase your libido or testosterone level. But still, keep in mind that you need to take these food supplements regularly and in moderation to keep everything in balance and to not cause more harm than good.

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