What is the best tip you’ve heard for staying healthy?


“I have a diet!” How often did you tell your friends or relatives about these phrases and decline many lunch or dinner invites? How many occasions have you passed from the concept of eating so little hungry and cranky?

For the rest of your life, you can’t live on a limiting diet. You need to build a diet that fits your lifestyle, not to force yourself to embrace a whole fresh diet habit.

Depriving yourself of some foods can make you obsess over them. Here are a few foods that are a bit hard to live without.


Most of us are addicted to sodas, and it is tough to stop. But you may start from lessening drinking soda because sodas have a ton of sugar in it. Did you know that any sweet taste flags body cells to save fat and carbohydrates, which makes you hungrier? Sweet flavors also encourage the discharge of insulin that prevents the capacity of your body to burn fat. 


Same as sodas, they contain a lot of sugars. Though some chocolates like dark chocolates are healthy, The ultra-sweet kids chocolate are the ones that I’m talking about. They fill them with sugar so the kids or even adults will get addicted to them. 


The saltiness of the chips also makes you bloat. 

There are a lot more foods that if you eat a lot and not in moderation will really cause some problems for you. It will make you gain weight or may also bring you all kinds of illness. Remember to not deprive yourself and eat in moderations so can still stay fit and while eating the foods that you love.

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